Our History

“Diadema” was found in 1997. During these 22 years “Diadema” took the leading position at the Georgian market by offering the customers exclusive diamond and precious stone jewelry.

Since 1997 we participate in the jewelry fairs worldwide and have the business partners worldwide.

In our saloon you can find high end jewelry such as – Certified Natural diamonds – from 0,001 ct. up to 10 ct. size of different color and quality, natural Emeralds, Sapphire, Rubies, Alexandrites and many other precious and semi-precious stones, is a short list of a stones which are the essential part of “Diadema” creations made of 14 & 18k white, yellow and rose Gold, rare antiquity and unique art pieces.

“Diadema” was the sponsor of many and various events and created a lot of extraordinary awards such as Miss Georgia, Best Chess Player Woman, Photoman and etc.

“Diadema” embraces individualism, therefore offers clients the service of creating their own designed jewelry.